Damn Good Advice for (busy) people with talent

And so I thought I’d fall behind my blogging goals. I have a wave of deadlines coming up as a preschool teacher. With all these busy-ness, I don’t think I’m able to get new insights and come up with wonderful words to say to entertain you, dear readers and make a point.

Yet, here I am wearing my heart on my sleeve and telling you all about my struggle with time and consistency. Even if this blogpost seems more of like an explanation to everyone in case I miss out to blog again. #fomo

Anyway, I think what I can learn and share from being in this situation is to simply SHOW UP. No matter how truly busy you get with all your other responsibilities, make it appoint to follow through with your personal goals and show up!


Because it can make you feel empowered after being uncomfortable and pushing your boundaries a bit further. To follow through with yourself is to actually stand up against you other lazy self and say, “No! I’m not gonna let you bully me!” Ha! take that, old self!

There are always two sides of you, one who protects, comforts, and keeps you in survival mode. And the other is like a rebel, an activist, a protester who simply notices your actions, find ways to make you a better person and the one who definitely SHOWS UP!

Part of growing and being an unstoppable force for positive change is to listen more to your aggressive rebel side. With more emotion and energy you put in telling yourself that you want to change, the more you will notice things that you need to change within you. And it’s always about showing up.

Sooo, if you didn’t get what I’ve just said, at least read this quote as a summary:

Think on your feet, make things happen, impress clients, not only with your work, but with your hustle, desire, and chutzpah!

-George Lois

goodnight blogverse.

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