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WordPress states that I've revised this page about 125 times since it started. I should have given up by now and buried my head under the ground like a scared ostrich. Which is absurd and impossible because:

  1. Ostriches don't really bury their heads under the ground, they’d die from not breathing well
  2. My 5-foot height is too far to compare to an ostrich's. How dare ya?! I'm pixie-sized.

But even if it will take me a thousand more times to revise this page,

I will simply do it. Because like everyone else,

I have a story to tell. 

On my first few attempts to make a personal website, I got stuck on which side of me should I write about. I've always wanted to share many things about photography, adventures, food, and fashion. Also, preschool teaching, because I've had countless fun and valuable teaching experiences. Then, it evolved into a place where I shared my thoughts and beliefs about love, life, pain, and happiness. It got kind of serious and portrayed a very personal side of me.

It took me some time to get back to the ole saying,

"Don't take yourself too seriously."

Ergo, just like how vampires wake up during the night <insert creepy creaking sound here> and how Jesus resurrected from the dead after 3 days… I am fully committing myself to live out a more passionate life and share it through this website.

I’ve realized a pattern in me that always comes in 3. In this case, I can’t choose a single pitch to tell the worldwide web. And I'm not sorry. If you can simplify it into one, drop me a message, and we can be best of friends. But seriously, no matter how many blogs and advices I’ve read about curating a personal brand, I just can’t seem to identify myself with a singular thingamajig. It’s like having different personalities in a crazy good way.

From it, I thought that it would really be punny (note: don’t take yourself too seriously) to put ALI in PERSONALITY. Good if it made sense to you. Great if it didn’t. Who cares?!

But after thorough thinking and playing with the letters, it boiled down to (yet again) 3 things that I really care about.




silently whispers like Theoden of LOTR:

…So it begins….

Tadaaah! Join me on a merry-go-round in my creative endeavors, fitness, fashion, food, and adventures. Get to know and connect with me on a deeper sense through introspection.

I hope you will like all these as much as I had fun writing and coming up with informative yet often silly posts. Chuckles and fistbumps. Enjoy!