From Good to Great

Having the courage to be good instead of perfect is part of a blogging success and the trade-off you have to make is to be COMMITTED TO IT.

Aim to be good at a certain skill rather than aiming to be perfect at everything, because ya know what they saaay, “No one is perfect.” But you can at least be good at something. And it all starts with practice.

You can choose to practice daily, thrice, twice or even just once a week. Results will vary, of course. The point is to establish the discipline and the habit until it becomes very automatic for you. You’ll find it easier to extend yourself in other ways.

For instance, my goal is to call myself a writer. That’s my “point B.” Now, what is my “point A?” Or how does it look like? It helps me a lot when I visualize the outcome first. Then, I figure out my “point A’s” as I learn and discover everyday. But one thing remains, commitment.

Wherever or whatever your Point A looks like, as long as you go in a consistent committed pace, you’ll get to your point B. Going in one direction is better than not going in any direction. So decide and make incremental steps to be good at something. You’ll soon find yourself in the flow of moving towards it. Because, like anything and everything in life, it just takes a bit of courage and a whole lot of commitment.

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