It’s Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

Ever felt so stuck that you beat yourself up from thinking why are you allowing this to happen to yourself again?

It’s like a downward loop in your head when you know exactly what to do but you refuse to pick yourself up. It’s like you intentionally want to be in that negative situation, a very self-sabotaging one. So you stubbornly choose to make yourself feel good and end up doing what you want to do, not necessarily what you need to.

And at some point it hits you that you are just over dramatising your situation to make your feelings legit and reasonable. Because sometimes it’s easier to swing towards comfortable directions than to constantly prove to yourself that you are strong, that you got everything all figured out… when all you really want to do is breakdown and cry for being scared, for being lost, for not having enough courage to take any step further. You would rather accept the defeat than stand up for what you believe in. These are the moments when you would just want to give up on life and die.

Day 3 of 90 days of blogging.  


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