Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Pursue Blogging

…even if I secretly want to.

Not to be arrogant or anything, but with a face like this, a brain that could generate more creative ideas than an average cubicle employee, and a plethora of experience as a third-culture kid… I oughta blog! And maybe I should get damn serious about it!

Because not sharing what I know is a disservice. I’ve read countless books, have traveled for more than a decade from which I could easily earn gold stars and incentives at Yelp or Goodreads if I want to.

Yet, I was always hesitant and in doubt of my thoughts and ideas. Always second-guessing if my suggestions were valuable or even good enough. Honestly, it took me years to be build up my confidence and let the rockstar in me shine. And at this point, I’m pretty sober from my inner drama and don’t really care about what people might think of me as long as I’m doing what genuinely makes me happy.

I think it’s no secret that everyone loves to share their thoughts and be heard. Like, c’mon guys, I mean everrryone. No matter how anti-social and introvert I may seem, I still feel a lot happier when I get my ideas across people (without much social interaction, I suppose).

For the longest time I’ve seen blogging as something cheap because it’s all about fame and putting up an image that pleases everyone, or at least get bajillion likes on social media.

Right now as I try to dig in deeper with my goals, it’s becoming more and more evident that I should really pursue blogging and see how it goes. I came to understand that blogging is an art of mixing both visuals and words to come up with something worthy of time and attention.

So whether readers understand or agree with my point of views, it’s not much of a big deal anymore. Also, reflecting on this opened me up to pay higher respect to other bloggers, in whatever they blog about. It’s a bit of a challenge to organize your thoughts and come up with something brilliant, yenno.

Anyway, gonna leave you with what they call a BLOGGER’S SKILLS SET. If you think you’re this kind of person then maybe you should come on board! *wink*


  1. Dreams of a future — a bright future for you and the people around you
  2. A knack for telling stories — playful, puns, you have a great sense of either sarcasm or humor
  3. Persuades and advocates for what they believe in — but first, you must believe in yourself
  4. Curates information and objects that matter — the best Googler and designer
  5. Teach in formal and informal ways — it’s all about reaching out to your readers and audience

Closing down my day 2 of 90 days challenge of blog posting everyday with this quote:

“Embrace the fear of failing to try.” -Adam Grant


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