Wanna Be More Creative and Courageous? Here’s How.

Let me share with you a little secret that I’ve been doing since 2016. I don’t really know how it affects certain aspects of my life. But I could tell you that it has tremendously made me more creative, courageous, and crazy at times.

I came across James Altucher, his works, his life, and his preaching about 10 ideas a day way back when I was feeling stuck in my life. He says,

creativity is a muscle that we should exercise.

You can easily exercise and strengthen it by thinking of at least 10 ideas. Good, bad, outrageous or rubbish. Whatever it is, just start making a list.

Here’s how, think of any topic or a situation. Let’s say: 10 ideas to getting in shape. If you think it through in a serious way, you’ll run out of ideas by the 6th or 7th on the list. So even if the idea seems out of this world, list it down. The more weird your ideas get, the better it is. Because it forces you to think out of the ordinary. Puts you in the zone that if money and time wasn’t a problem, you can all pursue what’s in your heart and mind.

This listing of 10 ideas may seem small and nonsense but it greatly affected my views in life. Even if they are just ideas and you have no plans to bring them to life, it’s still good to dream and add fun to your day instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

Today, I’ve listed 10 ideas to make the impossible, possible:

(The title sounds vague but it kinda shows what i’ve been thinking about lately..)

Anyway, with all honesty and fun-ness, here it goes:

  1. Sleep well, hydrate often (3 litres/day)
  2. Make eye-contact with potential people and strike up an unexpected conversation
  3. Ask people for what you really want
  4. Get a career coach
  5. Create! Create! Create!
  6. Exercise daily (even if you feel like shit) for a strong body and a strong mind
  7. Eliminate your job (that pays the rent) responsibilities
  8. Be a snob and say no to people
  9. List down 10 impossibilities in your life right now and come up with step 1 for each
  10. Just do it, without much thinking

Well, I guess I did number 10. I basically blogged my thoughts as of the moment without much thinking if people will judge me with all these ideas.

I hope you come up with great ideas that make you a less boring adult. Go dooo it! Enjoy!

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