Wanna Change? Put Some Emotions To It!

It can sound really dramatic, cheesy or whatever…But remember the last time you got your heart broken and you cried it all out? Then after that, you probably told yourself, “Ok, that’s enough crying, time to move on.” After reaching that threshold of heartache you must have had a transfiguration moment and suddenly it all made sense.

Well, i’m not here to further expound on heartaches. Rather, let’s have a quick talk on DISGUST.

Did you know that disgust is one of the basic emotions? I greatly think it’s really powerful for you to feel disgusted over things because it changes you. When you eat something that’s totally yucky, like you can’t define what it tastes like until you’ve defined it as vomit-flavour, you’d want to avoid it for the rest of your life right?

Same goes with whatever thing you want to change in your life right now. You have to FEEEEL the emotion. For instance, get naked, look at yourself in the mirror, and think of which area of your body are you completely utterly disgusted about. It’s not about shaming or “not loving yourself.” It’s about being more aware, putting in some disgusted feeling. Be honest with yourself so that you can be more open for change.

Also, the more emotion of disgust you put on yourself every time you see yourself in the mirror, the more that you’ll remember that something’s gotta change! So put that bagel down!

Same goes with wanting to change your laziness. You have to feel disgusted with how unproductive you are and slightly compare yourself with others ballin’.

Now, there are other emotions you can feel especially when you compare yourself with other. You can be annoyed, angry, and all those negative emotions. But you can also choose to be “disgusted with myself.” Instead of being angry and annoyed about how others appear, look within you and see which among your bad habits do you feel disgusted about. This will help you rewire your brain into thinking that you don’t want to experience any of that disgust anymore. Soon enough, you’ll start making positive changes for yourself.

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