When to Stop & Go

If its not for you, its not for you.

Stop seeking things that are not for you.

Stop looking for your validation through others’ approval based on likes, loves, responses, comments, feedback.

Stop asking for anyone else’s pity because that is the least thing people want to give. But people do want to help, people do want to listen. so don’t lose hope on that.

Stop looking for things, people, and opportunities in all the wrong areas. Tinder for example. You go there to find dates. But seldom find meaningful relationships. When you stop looking for it, but just intently pray for it, it will come, don’t worry.

Stop being with someone just because you’ve been with them for a long time and feel guilty for cutting ties. It will save you and the other person if you’ve thoroughly thought about it a hundred times and could not have any better idea than just break up. It will hurt you both but will let you realize this.

If it’s not for you, its not for you.

But what is more important is how you go.

Go with what you want, what you really really want.

Go and chase that dream or passion of yours no matter what it takes. So as long as you are clear with your purpose and remain good and helpful to others.

Go with what hurts you most but will give you great relief. Remember that hurting is temporary. Out of all this, you will become stronger and wiser with the choices you’ve made.

Go take leaps of faith. But continue to pray and let God lead you the way. Because that is what faith is all about.

Go and make things happen. There is only one you. You are important. You can make things happen. If no one is there to do it, then go do it yourself.

Go voice out and create art. Things you say matter, things you do matter. All you have to do is think how it will help the people around you, your voice, your art. If you cant think of anything good things to say or to make, means you’re not thinking enough.

Go back and think some more. No, I am not saying be at wits end. Just take a step back to reflect on the things I’ve just said. Take in all the good stuff. Take in all the things that you can apply. Think of ways on how you are going to formulate these unsolicited stop and go’s and claim it as your own.


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